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Emergency Resources

Emergencies :

In  cases of mental health emergencies, you have several options. Select  the one from the list below that matches your needs.

- In ANY situation where the life or health of  a person is in danger: Dial 911 and get assistance through the emergency system. You should use this  option in cases of someone threatening suicide or homicide, in cases  of domestic violence and other such situations.

- Solution Resources EAP has qualified  counselors on call 24 hours a day. Where there is no immediate threat  to a person, we can help determine and facilitate a course of action,  make recommendations and referrals. Call our office line and listen to the outgoing message for instructions on which number to contact for these urgent calls.  Leave a voicemail message if you don't reach us right away. We will  usually return calls within one hour. However, cell phone service  can be spotty in the Spokane area. Please call again if we have not  returned your call in a reasonable period of time.

-  Spokane Mental Health operates the First Call  for Help crisis response line at 838-4428. Trained counselors  are available 24 hours per day to assist callers, conduct telephone  assessments and provide telephone counseling.

-  To report a domestic violence situation,  call 911 or the domestic violence  crisis line/shelter at 326-CALL (326-2255).

- Child Protective Services (CPS) handles  all cases of child abuse or neglect. Call 463-3333.

-  To report and receive assistance after a sexual assault, call the Sexual Assault Crisis Line at 624-RAPE  (624-7273).

- Crime Check is a police service for the  reporting of any (non-emergency) crime at 456-2233.

-  For emergency child care, contact Vanessa  Behan Crisis Nursery at 535-3155.

Solution Resources EAP   509-535-4074

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