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Healthy Workplaces

Adding Up the Cost of Depression

Depression is one of the most common illnesses in the country. Latest estimates exceed a 40% lifetime prevalence. In plain English, it is estimated that over 40% of Americans will have at least one episode of depression at some time in their lives.

How much does depression cost YOUR company in terms of lost time, lost or lower productivity, health care costs, and possibly replacement and training costs?

Find out by using this depression impact calculator. It’s on a different website (you will open a new tab). We tried it: it’s safe to use, quick and easy and does not require any kind of registration.

Then call or email us to discuss how we can help minimize the impact of depression in your workplace.

Violence in the Workplace

Every year, thousands of workers are injured or killed due to violence at their place of work. Violence does not only affect those injured, but also their coworkers. NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) has made the video  available for all employers to aid in the risk assessment.

Click on the image to view the video.

Managing Change

If you fear change but know it's going to happen, take a look at this presentation. Click here

If you want this presentation delivered at your organization, contact Solution Resources EAP.

Job Search for those over 50

Searching for a job can be stressful for anyone in tough economic times. It’s often discouraging and even nerve-wracking for those over 50 competing with younger people. AARP has made resources available for the over-50 group as they search for jobs and need to “sell” themselves. Click here


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