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Women's Health

SSRIs and Birth Defects: There is a chance, even if small, that taking antidepressant medications can have undesirable consequences on the baby’s health. Click here

Mom’s Antidepressant Use Linked to Autism

Use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) by pregnant women may increase the risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in their  offspring, new research suggests. For the full text of the press release, click here.

Breast Cancer and Personality: Is there a connection?

The idea that a woman's personality traits can make her more prone to get breast cancer appears to be nothing more than a myth.  click for the entire news release

Exercise Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

Researchers don't know the mechanism, but studies have shown quite conclusively that exercise can reduce the risk for breast cancer, especially some of the more aggressive cancers. Read more

Does Cranberry Juice Prevent Urinary Tract Infections?

Research suggests that cranberry juice cocktail can reduce urinary tract infections by 50%. Click here

PAP Tests are Still Necessary Despite Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Although there is a (relatively new) vaccine approved for cervical cancer, PAP tests are still required because the vaccine does not yet target all known strains of the virus. Click here to read the entire news release.

Household Help for Women in Cancer Treatment

Fighting cancer is difficult enough, but  living with it is even tougher - and that's where the Cleaning for A Reason Foundation steps in. This nonprofit offers free professional  housecleaning,  and maid services to improve the lives of women undergoing treatment for cancer  - any type of cancer. HOW  THIS PROGRAM WORKS

Exercising for Two: Working Out during Pregnancy

New research suggests that the bond between expectant mothers and their babies may be stronger than had been suspected. When you exercise during pregnancy, your baby is not, as most of us would have thought, a passive, floating passenger. Instead, he or she may be actively joining in the workout, with the fetal cardiac system growing stronger and healthier as a result of the workouts.

Even after birth, babies born to mothers who exercised while pregnant were found to have healthier hearts than other infants a full month after delivery.

Find out more details about this fascinating study here.

Antidepressants and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): A weak link

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